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Welcome to our school website. On the 30th May 2019 we had a MASTERCHEF COMPETITION. It was named WEK (Valentin Vodnik English Kitchen). We had two groups and one judge. The judge was the English teacher Marija Ogorevc. The first group name was WINNAS. In this group there were 3 boys: Matic, Jure and Leo (Leonard). The second group name was JEN. In this group there were 3 girls: Julija, Ema and Nara. We helped each other and had a lot of fun.

Nara Babšek, a member of the WET club




GREAT COMPLIMENTS TO BOTH GROUPS! I was inspired by your ideas, energy and enthusiasm (not that much by the mess you left in the kitchen). You made me laugh and I shouldn´t forget to mention that on the day of the WEK MasterChef competition I left the school all but hungry. Some of you said that you had never stayed at school that long (we finished at 6 p.m.). I hope it was worthed and that you´ll remember this experience all your life.

See detached the results of my marking. Congratulations to the winning group!

Marija Ogorevc, the mentor of the WET group and the judge of the WEK MasterChef competition

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